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Pastaline Dough Roller
Pastaline Dough Roller
Pastaline were established in Italy in 1992 and manufacture dough processing machines including dough rollers and dough divider rounders.

The Pastaline Giotto Mini30 and Maxi45 are an excellent alternative to the double roller machines available. They are a simplified version of the standard pizza dough rollers and have a single set of rollers, providing both savings on space and cost but still offering an excellent time saving facility. Manufactured entirely from stainless steel and with food grade resin rollers, the operator can quickly select the dough thickness required. 

The Pastaline Giotto D30 and D45 are 12” and 17” dough rollers also made from stainless steel with food grade resin rollers. They have suction pad feet to facilitate worktop placement and positioning.  The Giotto D30 and D45 dough sheeters have two pairs of rollers including a specially inclined lower pair of rollers to enable the user to roll out dough circles up to 12" and 17" in diameter respectively. The rollers are quick to disassemble for cleaning purposes. 

The Giotto Parallela and Parallela Super dough sheeters are dual roller-pair sheeters enabling the user to roll out circular dough bases up to 17" in diameter, rectangular pizza bases up to 40cm x 60cms, and giant pizzas with up to 2KG of dough.

All Pastaline dough rollers are designed to process not only dough for pizzas, but for breads, flatbreads, “focaccia” bread, cakes, samosas, and much more.

Pastaline Dough Rollers

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