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 Conveyor Ovens 

Lincoln Impinger from Pizza Equipment Ltd, the UK best seller for Lincoln conveyor ovens
Lincoln Impinger from Pizza Equipment Ltd, the UK best seller for Lincoln conveyor ovens
Conveyor ovens are extremely popular in fast food and takeaway restaurants. The pizza, or other product automatically travels through a baking chamber on a motorised conveyor belt which will bake the pizza evenly without requiring any attention from the chef. No need to rotate the pizza with a peel and you can continuously load and bake.  

Conveyor pizza ovens are available in gas and electric in many belt widths. Typically, a 32” conveyor pizza oven and an 18” conveyor pizza oven are the most popular sizes. The ovens can also be stacked 2 or 3 high to increase output. 

Pizza Equipment Ltd only sell conveyor ovens that work with a baking method known as Impingement. An impinger oven uses a powerful fan to direct a current of hot air through holes in metal plates at the top and bottom of the baking chamber. This method of baking ensures direct contact of hot air to the pizza and guarantees an even bake.   

Lincoln were the first manufactures of Impingement conveyor ovens and have been doing so in North America since 1982. They are extremely hard working and reliable ovens and many of those manufactured in the early 1980’s are still in operation in pizzerias throughout the world today. The technology has not changed much over this time but the latest version of the 18” conveyor oven now features a touch screen and an economy mode.

Middleby Marshall have been the traditional rivals of Lincoln and their ovens remain ever popular. The WOW range of ovens feature an energy saving “magic eye” which will automatically put the oven into an economy mode during breaks in service.

The most technologically advanced and best conveyor ovens are now made in Italy, with Moretti Forni leading the way. The serieT conveyor ovens have dual temperature control for the top and bottom of the baking chamber to give your pizza the desired finish. An adaptive power system ensures only the minimum power required to bake the pizza is used and there is also an economy mode which results in 30% less power consumption. 

Conveyor Ovens

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