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 Moretti Forni 

Moretti Forni Banner
Moretti Forni Banner
Moretti Forni have manufactured professional pizzeria equipment since 1946. They are the leading European manufacturer of electric deck pizza ovens. They continually innovate their pizza ovens to achieve perfect baking with lowered energy consumption.

Which pizza oven to choose?

The mechanical iDeck oven is the most basic functioning oven from Moretti Forni. Available in 5 sizes in both single deck and double deck configurations this professional electric oven has armoured heating elements and the ceiling and floor temperature of each deck can be individually controlled electro-mechanically.

The electronic iDeck oven is available in the same 5 sizes in both single deck and double deck configurations. A single temperature is set electronically with separate management of the power for the ceiling and floor elements. The Dual-Power Technology™ which controls power management is perfect for baking pizza and other leavened products.

serieP is a reliable and effective traditional oven. Numerous configurations and customisations are available. The serieP is more energy saving and ergonomic than iDeck and offers a more even bake. Amalfi takes serieP one step further, the oven chamber is entirely built in refractory brick and the heating elements are inside the stone. This allows for even better temperature maintenance and quality of baking. 

The serieS ovens feature the lowest energy consumption of any oven in it's class. An impressive 30% less energy is used thanks to sophisticated technologies and innovative insulating materials which reduce energy dispersion. The P.I.D. technology system keeps the temperature stable at all times. The serieS oven is the highest performing Moretti Forni oven. Numerous configurations and customisations are available. 
Neapolis is the most powerful electric oven in the world. It can bake a pizza in less than one minute. It can reach a maximum baking temperature of 510°C and is perfect for Neapolitan pizza. 

The serieX range takes baking to the next level and ensures that perfect baking is available to any one using the oven. AnyChef™ Technology is an innovative set of algorithms that automatically sets the ideal baking cycle and optimises the baking process for each type of product.

Pizza Equipment Ltd are UK agents for Moretti Forni and can help you find the best electric oven for your baking requirments.  

Moretti Forni Electric Deck Ovens

iDeck, serieP, Amalfi, serieS, Neapolis, serieX

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Moretti Forni
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