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 Moretti Forni 

Moretti Forni gas deck oven by UK agents Pizza Equipment Ltd
Moretti Forni gas deck oven by UK agents Pizza Equipment Ltd
Gas serieP pizza ovens by Moretti Forni are developed from the latest technologies and are excellent ovens. They are energy saving, highly productive, and allow for perfect even baking.
There are 3 sizes and each size is available in a single, double, or triple deck configuration. The insulating hood and stands are included in the price. There are extras available such as provers, full length door handles, and racking systems for baking trays.
The serieP gas models are equipped with special tubular burners, placed under a double-layer refractory deck, which distributes heat from the burner thanks to an air gap, ensuring perfect baking uniformity with low energy consumption.

Every serieP gas oven features an electronic control panel to set an accurate temperature which remains stable thanks to heavy duty insulated doors, high density insulating materials around the chamber, and a frontal blade to prevent heat loss upon door openings. 

All serieP gas ovens feature glass windows in the door with double lighting for greater visibility during baking without the need to open the door. The sandblasted refractory brick results in a superior bake.

Moretti Forni Gas Deck Ovens

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