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 GI Metal Pizza Peels 

GI Metal Pizza Peels
GI Metal Pizza Peels
GI Metal pizza peels are designed to load the pizza from the prep table and put it in the oven. They have different shapes and sizes to adapt to different pizza styles, and different lengths suitable for different work spaces.

GI Metal manufacture traditional solid pizza peels and also pizza peels with perforations. The perforations ensure excess flour is “lost” and does not go inside the oven; this prevents excess flour burning which can leave a bitter taste. 

GI Metal pizza peels are available with rectangular or circular heads. The rectangular peel is the traditional choice, offering a larger surface area in contact with the pizza. However, the grip point, with which to lift the pizza, is only milled at the front. The round peel has an extended grip point with a gentle, regular milling over a large extension of the curve, this enables the pizza-maker to lift the pizza from the side or front. 

Most GI Metal pizza peels are manufactured in anodized aluminium. This is a chemical process which enriches the properties of natural aluminium making the peel very strong and resistant to corrosion and abrasion. The junction between head and handle uses 3 in-line rivets for maximum stability. 

GI Metal have several categories of peel. The most popular is Azzurra. These are superb all rounders and ideal for deck ovens either electric or gas. The Napoli peels are best suited to wood fired ovens as they are more resistant to the high temperatures associated with this cooking style. The latest category from GI Metal is Evoluzione, these peels undergo a special hard anodising process to make them even stronger and reduce friction even more.

GI Metal - Pizza Peels

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