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Sigma Tauro Dough Mixer
Sigma Tauro Dough Mixer
Sigma srl are an Italian company founded in 1974 and specialise in manufacturing heavy duty bakery equipment, and dough equipment for pizzerias.

The best-selling Tauro dough mixers are suited for pizzerias and for making small quantities of bread. These spiral mixers have a fixed bowl and the shape of the spiral together with the bowl diameter and revolutions provide the best dough results. All parts in contact with dough are in stainless steel and the control panel is simple and functional. The bowl sizes range from 16 litres to 60 litres, and the sizes from 29 litres up can be ordered as single or twin speed machines in either single or three phase.

The Red Line (SL) mixers are high quality durable mixers for large or busy establishments or for production units. These fixed bowl spiral mixers have two motors, one for the bowl and one for the spiral. The control panel is electromechanical and features timers for both speeds. The bowl sizes are from 67 litres to 420 litres.

Sigma also manufacturer twin arm mixers. This system oxygenates the dough and reduces heating obtaining the best results possible. The movement of the arms improves the quality of the dough, and the arms drive gears are cast iron and sit in an oil bath. Mounted on ball bearings each machine has two speeds and an optional timer. 

Sigma Dough Mixers

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Sigma Tauro 40 Dough Mixer - 60 Litre
Sigma Tauro 40 Dough Mixer - 60 Litre

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