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Lincoln are the largest manufacturers of conveyor ovens in the world. In 1982 the company introduced a line of forced hot-air conveyor ovens called Impinger ovens. Impinger ovens cook most foods approximately two times faster than standard convection ovens and two to four times faster than conventional deck ovens. Now every major conveyor oven manufacturer has adopted this impingement technology. Pizza Equipment Ltd is the number one dealer in the UK of Lincoln Impinger conveyor ovens.

Pizza Equipment Ltd recommends Lincoln Impinger conveyor ovens over all other pizza conveyor ovens. We believe that Lincoln conveyor ovens are the best conveyor ovens in the world.

There are several reasons why we believe this. Lincoln invented forced-air cooking (Impingement). This means that Lincoln have perfected this technology and that the air flow inside a Lincoln results in a better cook than in any other pizza conveyor oven. Lincoln conveyor ovens offer the best value for money. It is expected that a Lincoln conveyor oven will last up to 20 years before developing any kind of fault. You will still see Lincoln ovens in action in pizzerias, restaurants, and take-aways today that were bought twenty years ago. Lincoln conveyor ovens also use less energy but cook faster than many other ovens. Lincoln pizza ovens are also the quietest conveyor ovens on the market.

When you buy a Lincoln you are buying peace of mind that your conveyor oven will be more durable and reliable than any other oven and that your pizzas will be cooked more evenly and effeciently than pizzas in any other oven. When you buy your Lincoln from Pizza Equipment Ltd you are buying from the most experienced dealer of conveyor ovens and from the most experienced dealer of Lincoln conveyor ovens. As Lincoln premier partners we have a superb relationship with Lincoln and we also provide you with an extended two years parts and labour warranty. Unlike other conveyor oven dealers we are completely independent and recommend the Lincoln conveyor ovens based on merit alone. Now to learn more about Lincoln Impinger conveyor ovens.

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What is Impingement?

Air impingement is a revolutionary cooking concept that provides exceptional product quality in far less time than conventional devices on the market. The air impingment system directs a high velocity stream of heated air at the food product being baked. This blast effect penetrates the boundary layer of air encircling the product and heats the food more efficiently because the air concentrates heat on the product. The air impingement process develops the high velocity air stream with a specially designed fan that draws super-heated air from a heat source (either gas or electric). This air is directed through a plenum chamber to patented jet fingers which have hundreds of focused jet ports that “impinge” the heated air onto the product surface. The heated air is recycled to the heat source after striking the product, thus reducing energy consumption. A variable speed conveyor system moves food products through the oven one after another to improve product flow during the cooking process. The air impingement process is tolerant enough for sensitive food products and effects proper crisping and even browning of such products as they pass through the oven because air is the medium that heats the food product.

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Lincoln introduces FastBake Impinger Ovens; featuring a patented airflow technology designed to reduce baking time for items such as pizza by up to thirty percent over all other impingement ovens!

Performance you can see; FastBake technology allows the oven to provide a higher level of heat transfer to food, thus reducing cook times. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) allows designers to see the flow and intensity of liquids, gases, and air. Using this software to view impingement airflow from one orifice, it is possible to see that FastBake transfers heat more efficiently than any other air impingment oven, creating a faster and better quality bake.

Quality you can taste; FastBake is revolutionising the way pizza tastes on a conveyor belt. Gum lines are eliminated and vegetable toppings are hot and crisp without leaving water on the cheese. In addition, FastBake is more tolerant to differences between products. The result is that more varied items come out perfectly baked.

How to order FastBake

FastBake is available on the 1100, 1400, and 1600 series Lincoln Impinger conveyor ovens. When ordering your new oven simply request FastBake as an option and your oven will be factory built with FastBake inside. For 1600 series ovens FastBake comes as standard.

Lincoln Impinger FastBake